January 11, Bergen Academy of Art and Design

The soloist in contemporary piano concerti



February 2, ECLAT, Stuttgart Theaterhaus

Daily Transformations by Gadenstätter/Spalt/Henckel-Donnermarck/SWR Expermientalstudio

asamisimasa and Neue Vocalsolisten


February 6, Levinsalen, The Norwegian Academy of Music

New works for piano by Elvin Matz, Harald Jordal Johannesen and Martin Kvalø


February 26, Sentralen, Oslo

New work by Natasha Barrett



March 7 Borealis festival, Bergen

Laurence Crane portrait



March 8 Borealis festival, Bergen

Music by Joanna Bailie (wp), Kristine Tjøgersen, Johannes Kreidler a.o.



April 12 - 15 Dansens Hus, Oslo

Skjønnhet I - X by Janne-Camilla Lyster 

with dancers Cecilie Lindeman Steen, Catharina Vehre Gresslien, Karen Lynne Bjerknesli a.o.


May 25 Only Connect, Sentralen, Oslo

Music by Joanna Bailie



May 26 Only Connect, Sentralen, Oslo

Music by Simon Løffler



May 31, Sentralen, Oslo

Works for solo piano by Elvin Matz, Harald J Johannesen and Martin T Kvalø


May 31, Sentralen, Oslo

Works by Kaija Sariaho with Det Norske Solistkor


June 16, Troldhaugen/Bergen, Minutt for minutt - live TV NRK2

Works by Edvard Grieg


July 7, Performance Studies Network conference, The Norwegian Academy of Music/Oslo

Music by Simon Løffler, Trond Reinholdtsen and Carola Bauckholdt



August, Stavanger konserthus

Recording piano concerto Just for You by Jan Erik Mikalsen

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra/Eivind Gullberg Jensen


August 30, Nesodden

Recording work by Rebecka Ahvenniemi

Silje Aker Johnsen, soprano


Sept 17 Ultima Contemporary Music Festival/Oslo, Hotel Conteninental

Music by Cristian Blom (wp) and Pauline Hall


Sept 18 Ultima Contemporary Music Festival/Oslo, Jacobskirken

Music by Simon Løffler (wp) and Carola Bauckholt


Oct 17, Resonans, Gjøvik/N: Samtidsmusikk for dummies

Music by Simon Løffler, Øyvind Torvund, Kristine Tjøgersen and Christian Blom


Nov 11, Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo 15:00

Music by Laurence Crane and Øyvind Torvund


Dec 1, Hannover Hochschule für Musik, Teater und Medien

Music by Simon Løffler, Øyvind Torvund, Carola Bauckholt



Recording of Christian Blom's Christmas Carols






January 13, Norwegian Academy of Music

Music by Rob Waring 

Jennifer Torrence, percussion, Ditte Bræin, soprano


March 17, Norwegian Academy of Music, Auditorium

Viva voce - PhD Artistic Research

The soloist in contemporary piano concerti


March 31, EPTA society, Edvard Munch high school, Oslo


Extended techniques for piano


April 6-7

Recording of music by Matthew Schlomowitz



April 27, Conference Norwegian Academy of Music

Entrepreneurship in Music - Between Artistic Autonomy and Economic Reality



May 13, SWR Jetzmusik, Donauhallen Donaueschingen


Music by Matthew Schlomowitz, Johannes Kreidler (wp) a.o.


June 12-13

Recording of music by Henrik Hellstenius



June 16, Venezia biennale research pavilion


Music by Matthew Schlomowitz, Johannes Kreidler a.o.


August 17, Musik21 Festival, Hannover


Music by Matthew Schlomowitz, Johannes Kreidler a.o.


September 11, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Oslo - Jakobskirken


Music by Klaus Lang (wp) and Michael Pisaro


September 15, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Oslo - Sentralen

Just for You - piano concerto by Jan Erik Mikaelsen 

Piano solo: Ellen Ugelvik

Conductor: Lars Erik ter Jung

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra


September 23 & 24, Firenze, Villa Romana Festival


Music by Øyvind Torvund (wp), Carola Bauckholdt, Kristine Tjøgersen a.o.


October 13, Fredrikstad Bibliotek, Aulaen


Music by Trond Reinholdtsen, Tine Surel (wp), Øyvind Torvund (wp)


October 14, Trondheim Dokkhuset


Music by Trond Reinholdtsen, Tine Surel (wp), Øyvind Torvund (wp)


October 24, Universitetet i Agder, Kristiansand


Music by Trond Reinholdtsen, Tine Surel (wp), Øyvind Torvund (wp)


October 25, Spor 5, Stavanger


Music by Trond Reinholdtsen, Tine Surel (wp), Øyvind Torvund (wp)


October 26, Lofoten Kulturhus, Svolvær, Aulaen


Music by Trond Reinholdtsen, Tine Surel (wp), Øyvind Torvund (wp)


October 31, NOTAM, Oslo

Recording of video work by Christian Blom

With Anders Førisdal, guitar


November 1-2

Recording of piano solo works by Christian Blom


November 26 Wien Modern, Museums Quartier Halle G

asamisimasa and Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart

Daily Transformations by Clemens Gadenstätter (wp)


December 2, Avgarde, Tårnsalen/Bergen

Music by Alwynne Pritchard (wp), Bente L. Thorsen, Christian Blom (wp) 





January 14, Kilden, Kristiansand - postponed!

Premiere of piano concerto for two pianists and orchestra by Therese Birkelund Ulvo; Wowen Fingerprints

Conductor: Ingar Bergby

Piano solo: Andreas Ulvo and Ellen Ugelvik

Kristiansand Symfoniorkester


January 22, R:A:W Norwegian Academy of Music


Work by Helmut Lachenmann


January 24, Klimafestivalen - Deilig er jorden, Jakobskirken, Oslo

Works by Debussy, Crumb a.o.  

Piano: Håkon Austbø and Ellen Ugelvik


February 11-12

Recording f i l m music: “What Happened to Monday”

Music by Christian Wibe


February 16 - Norwegian Academy of Music

Solo recital

Music by Christian Blom, Helmut Lachenmann and Magne Hegdal


February 24-25, Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Gent

Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation in Artistic Research

Presentation by Ellen Ugelvik


March 5, Cafétateret, Oslo


Works by Tine Surel Lange, Jonas Skaarud, Martin Rane Bauck, Ansgar Beste a.o.


March 12, Borealis festival, Bergen Kjøtt


Works by Simon Löffler


March 13, Borealis festival, Tårnsalen Bergen


Works by Tine Surel Lange, Jonas Skaarud, Martin Rane Bauck a.o.


April 9, Gothenburg


Works by Esaias Jarnegaard, Simon Løffler, Mathias Spahlinger a.o.


April 17, ppIANISSIMO Music Festival, Sofia

Solo recital

Works by Bente Leiknes Thorsen (wp), Magne Hegdal, Christian Blom, Christian Jaksjø


April 18. The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

Five piano's by Morton Feldman

Piano quintet: Ayumi Tanaka, Marina Kahn, Ioanna Mixha, Daniel Reith, Ellen Ugelvik


May 2, The National Museum - grunnsteinsnedleggelse, Oslo

Piano solo: Ellen Ugelvik


May 14, Spor festival, Aarhus


Works by Trond Reinholdtsen, Max Wainwright, Martin Schüttler


May 21, Only Connect, Oslo - Sentralen


Cd-release Laurence Crane


May 25, Bergen International Festival, Bergen - opening concert - Torgallmenningen



May 26, Bergen International Festival, Bergen - Cornerteateret


Works by Carola Bauckholdt (wp), Henrik Hellstenius (wp), Matthew Schlomowitz


July 4, 5, 6, MOToffentlighet, Festival, Oslo - Universitetsplassen

Works by Stockhausen, Scriabin, Webern, Sorabji, Cowell, Scelsi, Ustawolskaya, Cage, Mossolow  a.o.

Piano solo: Mark Knoop and Ellen Ugelvik


July 4, 5, 6, MOToffentlighet, festival, Oslo - Oslo gate/Hovedøya

Ø (wp)

The Norwegian Opra by Trond Reinholdtsen


August 12, Darmstadt, Centralstation (Halle) 


Work by Mathias Spahlinger (wp) and Bryn Harrison (wp)


September 15, Ultima, Oslo - Sentralen

Theory of the Subject (wp) piano concerto by Trond Reinholdtsen

Piano solo: Ellen Ugelvik

Conductor: Cathrine Winnes

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra


September 19, Universitetets Aula, Oslo

Munch 1916 - Musikk 2016

Works by Bjørn Kruse (wp), Therese Birkelund Ulvo (wp) a.o.

With Eir Inderhaug and A. Voje (soprano)


September 20-21,  Oslo

Recording for Deutscher Musikrat, work by Simon Steen Andersen


October 28, Oslo

Cd release 

Music by Magne Hegdal and Antonin Reicha

Piano solo: Ellen Ugelvik


October 27-30, Cycle festival, Reykjavik



December 5, Linz


Works by Carola Bauckholdt a.o.





January 28, Store Studio, Oslo 

Konsertstykke i tre deler by Magne Hegdal (wp)

Conductor: Bjarte Engeset

Piano solo: Ellen Ugelvik



April 16 Universitetets Aula, Oslo

The reflective musician festival

Premiere: on the tips of my fingers at the tip of my tounge by Bente Leiknes Thorsen Piano solo: Ellen Ugelvik

Ensemble Allegria/Berit Cardas



Recording asamisimasa/Hubro

Works by Laurence Crane


May 21-25, Hardanger Musikkfest

Works by Helmut Lachenmann, Christian Blom a.o.



Recording asamisimasa 

Work by Luis Pena


July 20, Tzlil Meudcan festival, Tel Aviv


Works by Simon Steen Andersen a.o.


August 30, National Museum, Oslo


Works by Carola Bauckholdt, Laurence Crane and Helmut Lachenmann


September 4, Kulturisten festival, Nesodden

Works by Christian Blom and Magne Hegdal


September 14, Ultima contemporary music festival, Oslo


Works by Mathias Spahlinger (wp) and Øyvind Torvund


September 6, Kwadrofonik Festival, Warzawa


Works by Matthew Schlomowitz (wp), Simon Steen-Andersen, Laurence Crane and Øyvind Torvund


September 26, Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen


Worsk by Christian Jaksjø, Jon Øyvind Næss and Øyvind Torvund


September 29, Kammer Klang, Café Oto, London


Works by Laurence Crane and Øyvind Torvund


Okt 19-21

Solo recording, Sofienberg church, Oslo

Works by Magne Hegdal and Anton Reicha


October 23, Norwegian Academy of Music 

Lindemanprisen prisutdeling

Work by György Ligeti

Eir Inderhaug, soprano


October 30, Norwegian Academy of Music


Works by Christian Blom (wp), Jon Øyvind Næss, Simon Løffler and Øyvind Torvund


November 23, Norwegian Academy of Music


Works by Helmut Lachenmann